Interested to learn more about communication, feeding or fussy eating?  Let me share a few of my favourite resources with you.

Wondering about communication milestones, and whether or not your child should be seeing a speech pathologist? Take a look at these helpful communication milestone info sheets from Speech Pathology Australia .

If you haven't yet explored the  Raising Children Network , grab a cuppa and dive in.   Not only are there informative articles and videos relating to helping children of all ages grow and develop (topics including fussy eating, play & language development), but there are also some great resources including baby Karyoke & a guide to therapies.  

The Ellyn Satter Institute   is a fabulous resource if you are wanting to read more about feeding relationships, fussy eating and the Division of Responsiblity.  

Zero to Three  is a great webite that is all about turning the science of early childhood into helpful resources, practical tools for parents and professionals.

Over at Learn to Eat. Love to Eat .  we are writing blogs about feeding development and fussy eating and sharing a lot of tips and useful resources on our  Facebook  and Instagram