Communication - Group Consultations & Training

NW Speech provides individualised workshops and training in the area of early communication.  

Available topics include:
  • What early communication looks like
  • How to foster your child’s early communication skills
  • How to use daily routines to help develop your child’s communication skills
  • Using visual supports to promote communication

Looking for a particular program?

​The following programs can be undertaken 1:1 or as part of a  group progam::

Hanen - More than Words is an internationally recognised, research based program,  aimed at parents of children with autism aged 5 and under.   It involves a pre program consultation, 8 parent training  sessions and 3 video feedback sessions.    Click here t o find out more information.  
Hanen - It Takes Two to Talk  is an internationally recognised, reasearch based program, aimed at parents of children aged birth to 5 years who have been identified as having a language delay.   It involves a pre program consultation, 6-8 parent training sessions and 3 video feedback sessions.   Click here to find out more information.   

What Now?
If you are an individual or part of a group or organisation (such as a parent group, childcare centre, council or community program or school) interested in learning more in these areas, contact NW Speech today by completing your details below.  ​​